Wednesday, June 23, 2010


obviously i felt very happy for having a short break with my minnie . eventhough we just went to jusco at seremban 2 . chill and bowling had totally freshen my mind . lagi2 dengan minnie . cha ailafyu . i met her friends . baru kenal tapi da macam kenal lama . had a great time with yol . cha used to tell me that seremban wasn't that fun and boring . siap cakap ta ada big apple . however we finally found there is one outlet over there . how cool . we ate like crazy . yummy ! well seremban agak panas . i used to drink a lot of plain water . haus sgt . ahaha .


next we go to kl . im so excited cause we're going by train . jakun (org seremban kata gayat) . ahaha . it costs RM5.40 from seremban to BTS . my nephew and niece were the tour guide . there were so many places we went on that day . masjid jamek . central market . pavillion . sg wang . lot 10 . times square . we walked to those places okay . here some of snapshot during our day out . agaga . jalan2 . shopping2 . makan2 . tapi balek tuh memang kaki macam nak patah .

me , ferdy andy and bella

choose babeh

the birdies are so aggresive

nama dia RAIN


just the day before i got back to jb . aisyah and her mum took me to Port Dickson beach . it was awesome ! i love it . ta swim pon . just walking around . eat . and shopping . ghee .


banana boat

i just love the fresh air

after buying some stuff for mama ayah . i got this one for myself . weee .

well im just sharing my quality time . after hard and tough work . im just taking a short break to relax . worth it i can say . everyone deserves a good time . including me .

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