Saturday, April 25, 2009




1. When you are joking.
2. When you are happy.
3. When you are laughing.
4. When you care about someone's feeling.
5. When you get some advise.
6. When you get payment.
7.When you're eating a slice of peach cake.

p/s: actually its mango cake. ehe!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

silly maizura

just want to share what im up to. its been so hard situations here. its about my feeling. i admit its very complicated. well first part is i dont have any feeling towards this one guy. he's just a friend of mine. we've been together as normally friend. all of sudden, he told me he's admiring my friend. i dont know what is it but i felt like dizzy something. and guess what? MAIZURA MOKSIN IS JEALOUS!!! i also dont know what the hell is that. haih!

second part is there's an irish man. he loves me but i dont love him. but 1 thing i admit I LOVE THE WAY HE LOVES ME. i love to be with him. he always there for me. he always cheer me up when im down. but pity him. i just dont have the love for him. i know its not fair on his part. and i told him so. but he's still waiting and waiting and waiting. sayang, no promises ok.

still searching for the right one

Monday, April 13, 2009

stupid me

Toilet Sign

today, i've done something very stupid. when the flashback starts i just can't stop laughing, laughing and laughing like dying. guess what? i just went into a men's washroom! agagaga! i know it's damn stupid, right? it's so happened at the puteri pacific hotel.

by the time, i was so busy with my stuff and my cell phone just ringing. and i really wanna pee (dah tak tahan siot!). pick up the phone call and just enter rushingly to the washroom. suddenly, i am shocked to see a guy there.

i was wondering what the hell is he doing in the ladies toilet?! OOPPSS!! when i turn around another chinese guy entered. alamak! and the guy said "ini lelaki. perempuan sana lah!" i felt like dumping in cow pie. hish! i just went out and went to the right one. pee with big laugh!

dah la that chinese guy handsome nak mati and i know him; CORVER

Sunday, April 12, 2009

i can't believe it

First Aid

OMG! i just don't believe what i've done. fyi im scared like dying to see blood. but today, for the first time in my life, i just did a first aid to my colleague; EPOL. he had a minor accident when he was on the way to work. there were few injuries on his arm and knee.

my humanity instinct just exploding. i can't stay doing nothing there to help him even he said he was fine. he is just like my lil brother there. so i washed and cleanned up the injuries. put some betodine on it. well i did it. i did face the fear in me.

please, i'm not writing this to show off or something.

OMG, diet hancor!

Nasi Ayam

today in my history i ate one plate of chicken rice with two pieces of chicken! i also don't know why it's happened. i felt like tempted by the fried chicken. erm, nyummy!

mak cik jual nasi ayam mesti shocked tengok i

Saturday, April 11, 2009

what on earth are they?

Long Black Coffee

Flat White Coffee

it's so happened to me. huh. damn it! well there were 2 chinese customers (orang tua) came at my work place Secret Recipe. they asked me for coffee. i asked them weither they want white or black coffee. they said white but without creamer. hello? white coffee have creamer in it. then i told them so. then, i've suggested the black one. they agreed. so i'd key in their orders.

when the coffee serve they called me. they asked me this is not a white coffee. duh??? like what the @#$%??? they want coffee without creamer? but they still want the white coffee. by the time i felt like want to kill them. God, please help them not me. siap report kat manger lagi. ouh, please! arghh!

susah-susah they jadi waiter biar i jadi customer

Thursday, April 9, 2009

we're done

i'm exploding right now! kalau ye pon kau dah kemarok sangat ngan laki kau tuh. tak payah lah sampai nak gune ayat-ayat cinta aku. setahu aku orang kalau dah sayang mesti terlebih idea nak ayat orang tersayang tuh. tak adelah nak plagiarize aka COPY CAT ayat orang lain babe! eh, sendiri mahu ingat lah! please jangan jadi buta, tuli dan bodoh kerana cinta.

and the best part untuk kau adalah kau dah berjaya keluar dari top listed BFF aku. kau berjaya hancurkan hati sahabat kau neh. sekaligus berjaya musnahkan friendship kite. fyi aku dah penat dengan perangai kau yang memang tak pernah ambil berat tentang hati dan perasaan orang lain terutama orang yang bernama sahabat terlebih lagi aku lah orangnya.

selama berbulan lamanya aku cukup teramat sangat tahan dengan perangai kau. tapi bukan detik ini. sekarang hati aku dah mati untuk kau. -sahabat lebih penting daripada boyfriend- BULLSHIT! to all babes and dudes out there. trust me it's not going to works! for details kamu semua bolehlah cari EX-BESTFRIEND aku neh untuk belajar -bagaimana cara untuk menghancurkan persahabatan-

wish u have your own dream of satisfaction

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

99.9% losing her

well, it seems to be very bad to share this. i hate this part right here. i know it would be so selfish of my side. but i don't even really mind. what's important is i'm just tired of being dump! what the hell are u doing? don't u even think about my feeling? i hate u! i hate what u have done to me. u know what? now u can just forget about the title BFF. u don't deserve it anymore. if u are thinking that your boyfriend is more important than me and our friendship, u can have it. we will see how long does it takes for u to realise what is the value of friendship.

hey come on lah! orang lain pon ade boyfriend, sis!

don't tell me i never warn u.

Monday, April 6, 2009

bubu junkie

well. i have so many bubu out there. basically bubu is just a name. but it is not just a name for anyone that means something to me. special thanks to my nyameen aka yasmin nabilah for letting me to share the name. if there's anyone wants to be my bubu. you are most welcome buddy!

you are nobody until you be my bubu.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

how if i don't even being taught?

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime.

well, i would like to ask anyone of you here. do i look like a bad person? definitely you guys would say NO, right? i know maybe it could be a stupid fucking question. but here we are. i just want to share what i'm in to. first thing first, i would like to say sorry if there's any sensitivity matters mention here. it's a true story ok. i mean it's all happened to me personally.

this thing happened at my work place. actually i'm preety unconfortable there. just imagine if you are in a place that no ones think that you are exist. somehow the bad turns worst when you are not being appreciate. they were just thinking that i'm not important.

i think they do called and talked to me whenever they like and after that they dump me just like a trash. apart from that, i am damn really sad and hurt so much when they disparage my ability. they don't even give me a chance. well, if there's a chance given to me but i am not qualified enough. then, i'm satisfy to back off.

next, so many times it happens when they blame me wasn't for my fault but for others. i'm always used to say this "ye la, i ni kan jahat. sume yg salah mesti i je la yg buat." when i used to said that my heart was just exploding. i'm really really down to earth. but they just don't even care about my feelings.

please take notes. i am a human being too. i have feelings too. i want to be appreciated too. maybe it's wasn't really their fault. maybe it's all my fault. well, if i'm the one who really wrong here please let me know. please. people do mistake, right?

i'm not writing this to make you guys sympathy towards me. i'm just trying to share my sadness. i'm just trying to let go all the things but i really don't have the strength to do so.