Sunday, May 10, 2009

last words for my LOVES

haih! maybe this might be my last blog before i go to matriks tomorrow@11/05/09. seriously i look like i'm really cool and act like nothing happen. but only Allah knows what exactly in my heart and my mind. well maybe i can say that i'm a bit more matured so i can calmly think what's going in my life now. or in other side i can conclude that maybe i'm heartless. errmm. i also don't know which one is definite.

tomorrow would be a new chapter in my book of life. the only things that i'm really worry is my mum. even there's bibik. it's still can't ease me. even i can call her everyday but i still can't see her, right? omg!!! 3 days i left for a camping last year, made her losing perfectly her spirits. and now 1 year? gosh! i can't imagine what would happen to her. Ya Allah.. please take a good care of my mum.. sesungguhnya aku ini sedang menuju jihad dengan niat keranaMu..

mama, even i know u would never could read this, but 1 thing i knew u would never could stop missing me cause i am in your shoe too. mama, i'm doing this for u and ayah. i've never done many for u but 1 thing i really do is i want to make the 2 of u proud to have me as a daughter. my journey has just begin. please pray for my success. i LOVE u, mama. i love so much. mama only have me in her life. just me. and i need to leave her now. if i could choose, i would never do this to her.

to my besties, kak peed, oiesh, nyameen and the others specially my relatives, i'm not asking so many here unless please look over my mum. even she would say she's fine but i know she would lie. please. i'm begging u guys please do this one for me. just this one. i'm not asking more i promise. if u guys free, check up on her. i'm thank u guys from bottom of my heart for doing it for me. hanya Allah yang dapat balas kebaikan kalian.

ya Allah semoga ini jalan terbaik untukku dan berikanlah keberkahan bagiku di dalamnya

Friday, May 8, 2009

new page

well. it's hard for me to realise that i'm turning 18. time running thru so fast and im just not ready enough to venture the creation called life.

im going to live on my own without my super duper extra ordinary MUM. i mean i have to live far away from her. MAMA is everything to me. i love her so damn much. i think she is the only one that means something and precious to me. i don't mind to lose anything or everything but not my MUM.

what is the diferrence between who am i and who i am?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i am damn fucking happy today. i have waited for so long to gather this very very important babes together. even there were 2 other members could not make it, there's still happening and laughter at all the time. we're just missing each other like deadly. well everyone's is busy to get ready for our next move in further our studies. today for about just a few hours spent to make a promise that
i love all of them so much.


they are the colours of my life

Sunday, May 3, 2009


From left; Sir Abdul Rahman, Sir Aidid, Ms Azrina, Ms Hidayah, Ms Zabrina, Ms Fieza
Arasu, Suria, Rahman, Ayu, Warith, Maizura
Isma, Azwan, Maizatul, Shafie, Yasmin, Saiful
Afiq, Hidayah, Kadir, Fazira, Shukor, Al-Amin
Awie, Iwan, Zul, Haider, Hafdzal, Yunus(not real)

where to start im also don't know. the past 4 months was a moments which i just can't forget for the rest of my life. so many things came and gone through it. i learnt so many things there
@ Secret Recipe City Square. from a 'trainee' to 'mai' wasn't easy for me to went through it. i had up and down there. somehow it was a very hard for me to went a step forward which called working.

from the very first time i decided to go for an interview i am setting my mind it's just to fill my free time while waiting for my SPM result. well things just not as easy as i thought at first.
but it's just not a reason for me to stop my step. i learnt it was uneasy to serve customers there. i could see so many type of people. there were good, fine and mean people. i learnt the hardness to fight to gain money.

within that, there's challenges when problems came up such like run away bills, complains and conflict with my colleagues even with the leaders. the past 4 months were incredible for me. even at the half way of my working i felt like surrender, out of control and etc etc. i found a big family there. we're belong's together. we work as a team. we manage everything as a team. there's tears and laughter. there's sadness and happiness.

it was my last day of working and im damn fucking sad to leave the big family there. the past 4 months was very meaningful for me. i would never forget what i got from there. even i've been attack with whipped cream, egg, mushroup soup and etc etc as my farewell party, i don't even mind.


Friday, May 1, 2009

rules are made not to be broken

even lots of plan changed everywhere. but still i had fun there. betul kate wani. that place was kinda dread. uh, RM35 so not worth it! duh! but after all, just fine.

well, im just want to share the funny part when we went for a tube ride. that thing can be ride only by 2 persons. but then, there's 3 of us. so kinda pity if left the other one behind. so we decided to ride together.

all of sudden, the tube slide out of control. speed pon incredible la. DUSH!!! the tube terbalik and the 3 of us pon terpelanting. aduh! cuak habis! the other 2 keep on shouting. and me? shout sambil gelak! WAWAWAWAWAAAAA!!!!!! but seriously diorang act out of control gak. yang sorang jerit "SLOW-SLOW-SLOW-SLOW". yang sorang siap berjalan dalam tuh. haa, ni lah suka hati buat rule sendiri. PADAN MUKE!!!

the worst part is just about the food. DAMN FUCKING SALTY!!! whoa! boleh dapat high-blood pressure siot! haih!

the most exciting ride is only the family raft. i wish i would never go there again next time