Sunday, April 18, 2010

my minnie part 2

she is my minnie
she is my first-to-be bestfriend during matriculation programme
i do love her like damn fucking much
she is my bestest roomate i've ever had
she has chemistry, physics, biology, accounts, economy, business and everything with me
she has such a lovely smile and i know she never knew that
she eat a lot just like me
she loves to help people eventhough sometimes she's the one who needed help
she is my teacher and i've promise to her that my future children will know about it one day
she loves to figure out some unfigurable matters (well that makes her different from the others)
she hates ulat sampah like hell
she dislike yellow
she likes pink and purple just like me
she loves to laugh just like the way i am
she's a big fan of faizal tahir

well i may not know everything about her
i may not be her bestest friend
i may not as intelligent as her
i may not have a lovely smile as her
i may not be by her side
i may not be a good friend for her

but a thing for sure is i may die if i lose her

daisy sayang minnie

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