Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Tickets


Ok this entry belongs to HARRY POTTER FANS out there. If u're not a HP fans, u might as well as not interested to read this aite? Hewhew ;P

Where should I start? Well, on the August 29th, 2012, I went to HARRY POTTER THE EXHIBITION!!! I am so excited all over myself ALONE tho I went there with my Kakak.

Kakak isn't a HP fan. She's only a fan of two characters in HP which are Dumbledore and Krecher. Haha. Ok I'm glad and thankful that she was willing to accompany me. I love u Kakak!!!

Ok let me share my experience there. Well we went there by MRT. It took us about 30mins journey from our house in Bedok to Marina Bay Sands. The Exhibition is held in the Art Science Museum.

Art Science Museum

It costs us SGD20 for Singaporean ticket and SGD30 for Non-Singaporean. What's inside? It's all HP props. There's clothes, wands, brooms, beds, books, EVERY THINGS used in the HP were there.

Oh yeah, at the 1st entrance, there was sorting hat!!! I was place in the Gryffindor!!! Hehehe how good was that if it's really true? Going to Hogwarts?! Gryffindor?! Awesomeness!!!

What's the boring part was NO FILMING AND PHOTOGRAPHY ARE ALLOWED. Haih!!! Such a waste!!! I was planning to take asdfghjkl 4765836201 photos at the beginning ;(

BUT, there was a PHOTO TAKING SESSION at the entrance and if u're interested to buy, u have to pay SGD20 for a 6R photo with a paper frame. It's so damn expensive aite?

6R Photo for SGD20

Well, we bought the photos because that's the only souvenir for us. So we spend about 45mins in the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, there was HP Shop that sells HP goods which way too expensive. Huhu -_-

That's all for HARRY POTTER THE EXHIBITION. My really honest advice is, u will really have to be HP fans, or else u might feel bored and waste your SGD30. I am so happy because I am HP fan. So feel free to ask me anything about the exhibition, just leave me a comment, if u plan to go. Thanks for reading ^_^

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