Friday, May 1, 2009

rules are made not to be broken

even lots of plan changed everywhere. but still i had fun there. betul kate wani. that place was kinda dread. uh, RM35 so not worth it! duh! but after all, just fine.

well, im just want to share the funny part when we went for a tube ride. that thing can be ride only by 2 persons. but then, there's 3 of us. so kinda pity if left the other one behind. so we decided to ride together.

all of sudden, the tube slide out of control. speed pon incredible la. DUSH!!! the tube terbalik and the 3 of us pon terpelanting. aduh! cuak habis! the other 2 keep on shouting. and me? shout sambil gelak! WAWAWAWAWAAAAA!!!!!! but seriously diorang act out of control gak. yang sorang jerit "SLOW-SLOW-SLOW-SLOW". yang sorang siap berjalan dalam tuh. haa, ni lah suka hati buat rule sendiri. PADAN MUKE!!!

the worst part is just about the food. DAMN FUCKING SALTY!!! whoa! boleh dapat high-blood pressure siot! haih!

the most exciting ride is only the family raft. i wish i would never go there again next time

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