Sunday, May 10, 2009

last words for my LOVES

haih! maybe this might be my last blog before i go to matriks tomorrow@11/05/09. seriously i look like i'm really cool and act like nothing happen. but only Allah knows what exactly in my heart and my mind. well maybe i can say that i'm a bit more matured so i can calmly think what's going in my life now. or in other side i can conclude that maybe i'm heartless. errmm. i also don't know which one is definite.

tomorrow would be a new chapter in my book of life. the only things that i'm really worry is my mum. even there's bibik. it's still can't ease me. even i can call her everyday but i still can't see her, right? omg!!! 3 days i left for a camping last year, made her losing perfectly her spirits. and now 1 year? gosh! i can't imagine what would happen to her. Ya Allah.. please take a good care of my mum.. sesungguhnya aku ini sedang menuju jihad dengan niat keranaMu..

mama, even i know u would never could read this, but 1 thing i knew u would never could stop missing me cause i am in your shoe too. mama, i'm doing this for u and ayah. i've never done many for u but 1 thing i really do is i want to make the 2 of u proud to have me as a daughter. my journey has just begin. please pray for my success. i LOVE u, mama. i love so much. mama only have me in her life. just me. and i need to leave her now. if i could choose, i would never do this to her.

to my besties, kak peed, oiesh, nyameen and the others specially my relatives, i'm not asking so many here unless please look over my mum. even she would say she's fine but i know she would lie. please. i'm begging u guys please do this one for me. just this one. i'm not asking more i promise. if u guys free, check up on her. i'm thank u guys from bottom of my heart for doing it for me. hanya Allah yang dapat balas kebaikan kalian.

ya Allah semoga ini jalan terbaik untukku dan berikanlah keberkahan bagiku di dalamnya


  1. i miss u already.

  2. me too
    feel like crying now

  3. Zura dun weri, kita smua akan jaga ur mum. Jgn skali2 pegi tanpa rela hati coz ur mum is doing it dgn rela hati. She letting u go coz she noes it's to make herself proud to have u as a daughter. Maybe june or july kakak n kak nurul plan to go melaka. So we can meet up? For now, jaga diri baik2 N jgn lupa solat. Till then, love u...

  4. tq very much for that
    really appreciate it
    love u too