Tuesday, June 9, 2009

blok A3.4.5

well, its been so long i've never write here. been missing huh? frankly speaking i prefer to be in my hometown rather than being in this town. just imagine the bad looking block in the picture is where i stay for about a month. i can't believe i still can survive there. ouh im still trying to get in through the extreme hot temperature there but hujan ribut taufan when the night comes. terrible aite? i know. fyi, i stay at level 4 which is the highest level ever. sumpah memang pancit when i reached my room. adoink! but the bright side is the block is considered as the nearest block to dewan kuliah, bilik tutoran and cafe. Allah memang adil. hihi.. fyi also, im not skipping from my study this moment. its getting busy here about the pilihanraya JPP (jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar). there's a manifesto at the dewan for the science students. and me? akaun sudah menang tanpa bertanding! haha.. calonnye seorang jur. ntah pape jur la.. ok la, gtg..

with love,
maizura moksin


  1. juwaaaaaaa! i miss u!!!! great u're di=oing well over there.. take care sis..*hugs*

    -kakak nurul-

  2. xoxoxo
    i miss you and i need you by my side :(
    take care.

  3. zura.. lama tak dgr updates. hope u making friends too.

    take care tau.muaks!