Thursday, September 3, 2009

girls next door

this is my room. it's simple but nice. firstly it was so hard to adapt from house to a hostel. honestly house is much more better than hostel. lots of things need to be done on my own. baju nak kena basuh sendiri. makan pon kena beli sendiri. kadang2 penat jugak la. plus dah la duduk tingkat 4. fuh memang pancit.

i just wanted to share some of the angle side of my room. a bit messy cus hidup kat matriks memang macam ni. agak kelam kabut. everythings need to be fast and rushing. yela kan setahun je kat sini. mula2 memang huru hara gak. tapi lama2 da biasa.

well, i used to stay with another 3 roomates which are AISYAH, FAFA and SYAZIE. mereka semua ok. its just they are not in the same course as mine. so a bit problem when it comes to study matters.

as a conclusion is i got so many new experience of being here. i found so many people with so many actions. we're come from different states but we're still the same. we're sharing the happiness, laugh and joy.

sayang korang semua especially budak2 wing A aras 4.

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