Saturday, September 12, 2009


haih... there's happy and sad part. firstly its my first birthday without mama and ayah. rasa sayu pon ada. walaupun i tau diorang tak lupekan i but im still hoping that we can be together at this moment. whatever it is... im really thankful that Allah still giving me the chance to live. Alhamdulillah i can still see the moon and the sun. i can still laugh and cry. 18 tahun memang rasa sekejap tapi sepanjang masa tu terlalu banyak naik turun and susah senang yang i tempuh. honestly it was not an easy journey for me. terlalu banyak dugaan yang i lalui. but still ada jugak yang fun. i feel really great to have so many people that wanted to share their love with me. thanks a lot guys... my life would sucks without all of u. well... i hope i can change to a better person in the future. i wish i can achieve what im targeting. so many wishes and i hope Allah tak marah. in fact i sangat berharap Allah akan fulfill kan. ok la... to all buddies that wishing me my birthday... i can only say thanks and i really appreciate it. love u guys so much...


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