Saturday, April 11, 2009

what on earth are they?

Long Black Coffee

Flat White Coffee

it's so happened to me. huh. damn it! well there were 2 chinese customers (orang tua) came at my work place Secret Recipe. they asked me for coffee. i asked them weither they want white or black coffee. they said white but without creamer. hello? white coffee have creamer in it. then i told them so. then, i've suggested the black one. they agreed. so i'd key in their orders.

when the coffee serve they called me. they asked me this is not a white coffee. duh??? like what the @#$%??? they want coffee without creamer? but they still want the white coffee. by the time i felt like want to kill them. God, please help them not me. siap report kat manger lagi. ouh, please! arghh!

susah-susah they jadi waiter biar i jadi customer


  1. hmm, twu xpe. sometimes the customer sgt menyakitkn hati. i know dorg bayar bukan xbayar. but hey!!! pls jgn cm bullshit sgt.

  2. tu lah psal
    i pon xphm customer neh
    sebelom neh memg honest
    i'll always put myself kat tmpt dorg
    but its just didn't works
    soba jur la
    da dkat nk resign pon