Thursday, April 23, 2009

silly maizura

just want to share what im up to. its been so hard situations here. its about my feeling. i admit its very complicated. well first part is i dont have any feeling towards this one guy. he's just a friend of mine. we've been together as normally friend. all of sudden, he told me he's admiring my friend. i dont know what is it but i felt like dizzy something. and guess what? MAIZURA MOKSIN IS JEALOUS!!! i also dont know what the hell is that. haih!

second part is there's an irish man. he loves me but i dont love him. but 1 thing i admit I LOVE THE WAY HE LOVES ME. i love to be with him. he always there for me. he always cheer me up when im down. but pity him. i just dont have the love for him. i know its not fair on his part. and i told him so. but he's still waiting and waiting and waiting. sayang, no promises ok.

still searching for the right one


  1. babe, relax k. life mmg cmtu.
    if perfect je, its not normal.