Wednesday, April 8, 2009

99.9% losing her

well, it seems to be very bad to share this. i hate this part right here. i know it would be so selfish of my side. but i don't even really mind. what's important is i'm just tired of being dump! what the hell are u doing? don't u even think about my feeling? i hate u! i hate what u have done to me. u know what? now u can just forget about the title BFF. u don't deserve it anymore. if u are thinking that your boyfriend is more important than me and our friendship, u can have it. we will see how long does it takes for u to realise what is the value of friendship.

hey come on lah! orang lain pon ade boyfriend, sis!

don't tell me i never warn u.


  1. hey babe, chill k?
    its ok. this thing happen kt sume org including me.
    i kn ade? rmi ade ngn u. i love u lah kawan.

  2. i know u ade
    but it would better if dy ade skali
    tp its ok
    i da malas nk pk lg
    everythg is just wortheless