Monday, April 13, 2009

stupid me

Toilet Sign

today, i've done something very stupid. when the flashback starts i just can't stop laughing, laughing and laughing like dying. guess what? i just went into a men's washroom! agagaga! i know it's damn stupid, right? it's so happened at the puteri pacific hotel.

by the time, i was so busy with my stuff and my cell phone just ringing. and i really wanna pee (dah tak tahan siot!). pick up the phone call and just enter rushingly to the washroom. suddenly, i am shocked to see a guy there.

i was wondering what the hell is he doing in the ladies toilet?! OOPPSS!! when i turn around another chinese guy entered. alamak! and the guy said "ini lelaki. perempuan sana lah!" i felt like dumping in cow pie. hish! i just went out and went to the right one. pee with big laugh!

dah la that chinese guy handsome nak mati and i know him; CORVER


  1. OMG!!!! b?!!! hahahaha
    ya allah. that thing shldnt happen at all. haih da la ensem kn that chinese. hehe